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For me Paypal has been one of the most easy way to transact money online. Though there are various paypal alternatives available due to the poor paypal customer service but I prefer using it over any other online transfer system as I am used to it for a couple of years now.

Online Paypal Transaction Fee

Recently the transaction fee from paypal was around 3-4% for every transfer of money to other paypal account but now I’ve figured out a way to save paypal money by using the option “Personal” that let’s you transfer money without any transaction fee (Thanks to a friend). I believe this is a newly added feature and when I transferred 15$ to a account, paypal didn’t take any of the money.


To send funds, transfer paypal money without the transaction fee – head over to your paypal account and go to send money option where you will find two tabs. Click on the Personal tab and fill in the details. Try it out, will definitely save a couple of bucks 😉


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Bambit April 18, 2011

This helped me a lot just now … thanks! =)

Bry July 7, 2009

Should I have a credit card to use PayPal on an online transaction (not to withdrawl) ?

Tech @ InkAPoint July 5, 2009

Nice tip. I think this will help us all.

Jo July 4, 2009

Nice article…Thanks

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