Read PRC Files. Convert PRC Files into PDF, HTML, CHM With Palm Converter

By Sidharth | How-to

Because of no universal standard in this computing world, there is an unmet need for converting files. Taking advantages of this are the software companies who built various file converters; some give it for free and others provide commercial product. However, in this post we will be talking about PRC Files (About PRC Files) and how to convert PRC files to PDF, PRC to HTML, Word, CHM, Doc etc.. using freeware prc converter.

Free .PRC Converter Software

After researching on this topic – I’ve found ABC Amber Palm Converter to be the only freeware palm converter. This PRC converter can convert files into PDF, HTML, CHM and a lot more of different formats. This freeware is for e-books which are used with Palm eReader.


Download this Freeware For Windows – Click here (Page)

As you can make out from the screenshot, you can export PDB and PRC files into various forms so that you can open them and view the content.

When I converted an 1MB sized PRC file, the software instantly converted them to PDF format. However, the output result doesn’t seem to satisfy me as there were some unknown symbols present in the PDF file. I am not sure if the .prc file was corrupted or it was in other language.. however not much to blame for a freeware!

If you’ve explored any other ways to efficiently convert PRC file into other format then share it with us.. 🙂

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