Read XLS File without Microsoft Excel SpreadSheet

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As you know XLS is a file extension that contains table and style sheet setup to create number of sheets along column and row wise.If you want to read or open the content from a .xls file extension and do not have Microsoft excel Spreadsheet installed on your computer then a better alternative would be to make use of non commercial freeware such as open office or xls file viewer.

Another way to read such documents is by using a online service from Google i.e, Google docs.We have already written on how Google docs helps you in creating pdf documents, thus Google docs also finds it’s usefulness in opening xls file format.


To begin with just logging to Google docs account and upload a XLS file, the only restriction is you can upload Microsoft XLS file size not more than 1mb.Give it a name and Google docs will open your xls file in a rich built interface where you can  add sheets, edit the content and make use of various tools just like the features you find in commercial xls viewers.A handy trick I have been using for quite sometime 😉

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