Remove Browsing History from Mozilla Firefox browser

By Sidharth | How-to

One of the quickest way to maintain online privacy is by deleting webpage history from the Internet browser. You can view browsing history in Firefox browser is by pressing ctrl+h keys, then manually delete history. Even better you can use Mozilla History View utility from Nirsoft for viewing, saving and deleting browsing history in a snap.

Here’s how the Windows utility looks like…


Mozilla History View fetches the bookmark and visited Internet history pages from the “Application Data” of your Firefox browser and displays them according to the number of visits and date the webpage was accessed.

This sorting can help you to organize the browsing history in a better way! You can remove the entire history, export them to HTML or XML file, import your saved history back to a new computer and so on.

Download MozillaHistoryView

Update: Another easy way to save all your Firefox profile is to use these free backup addons, which definitely is a better way for backing up data.

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