How to Change Scrolling Direction of Magic Mouse

By Sidharth | Apple

When I first upgraded my iMac from Snow Leopard to Lion, I was in for some unexpected surprise. My iMac’s Magic Mouse wouldn’t let me control the scrolling gesture. Laying my fingers on the mouse, swiping to the left moved the scroll-bar to the right.

The Magic Mouse, I thought, had gone berserk. Little did I know that Apple decided to change the way scrolling works on OS X Lion. The scrolling direction was exactly the opposite, and it certainly took some time to get used to this reverse scrolling.

Disable New Scrolling Direction of Magic Mouse on Lion

If you are used to Snow Leopard, practicing this reverse scrolling gesture on your iMac, MacBook that has Lion installed isn’t going to be easy for the first time — it’s a pain to learn, really. If you find this feature irritating, and if you want to disable the new scrolling feature on Mac OS X Lion, you certainly can and have every right to do so.

Here are two easy ways to disable and change reverse scrolling of Magic Mouse:

#1. Turn off natural scrolling from System Preference. Apple calls the reverse scrolling as “natural scrolling,” so you may want to disable this by going to System Preference, then selecting Mouse under the Hardware section and unchecking Scroll Direction: natural.

#2. Use Scroll Reverser App to Disable Reversed Scrolling. If you want to reverse the horizontal, vertical, or get back the old-style scrolling behavior on your Lion then download this little gem called Scroll Reverser. The utility is free, easy-to-install, and it would take you not more than a minute to change the direction of scrolling.

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