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How many times have you listened to a good musical track song and don’t know the artist or song title name? This happens to most of us on numerous occasions, you may have forgotten the song information or you just don’t know the exact title of the song. You may have come across unknown track song and you are willing to purchase the album but don’t know the artist, song name or the album title. So what to do in such a case?


One way is to find the lyrics using the Internet search engine but if you are completely unaware of the lyrics of that song then you can use freeware called as Tunatic.

Tunatic freeware software is a accurate way to track song information which recognizes the song and matches with the database of the songs it already has. Then it gives you a detailed information for free.

To run Tunatic you need :

  • A PC which has Windows 2000, XP or better
    or Macintosh running Mac OS X v10.2 or better
  • Internet connection
  • A microphone plugged to your computer. Alternatively, you can plug your sound source directly to your computer.

Tunatic to search song title and information :

Allow Tunatic application to hear the track song and wait for few seconds for tunatic to identify the song title, artist information and also find links to download the song, where you can buy that song album CD and also read the lyrics of that song. Tunatic identifies all the music from any genre except classical.

If you feel a particular song is missing then you can use Tunalyzer to upload songs and artist information which  contribute to the Tunatic database.

Using Tunatic freeware song software :

Download tunatic,now just place the microphone close to the speakers and within seconds tunatic will recognize the song with detailed information including artist, lyrics and title of the song. Tunatic is also accurate in distinguishing between different versions of the same song.

This other software is a complete freeware, so you can download and use Tunatic 1.0.1b absolutely free! Tunatic 1.0.1b also supports different languages (including English) and is a impressive kind of freeware available on the Internet making it easier to find your favorite song track information!

Download Tunatic (Mac + Windows)

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Michael November 18, 2010

Hy guys I was looking the name of a song for 5 years and now I saw it (listen it)on
Sadly the uploader has no idea about the name of that song too!!! If u have a few seconds to waste please Help Me!! Thanks!

kaihlyn February 27, 2010

this is crazy!!!I cant find a song.ive been looking for it for a month now!!!!

shekahrrai November 7, 2009

how can i get hindi songs track could u give me the best webaddress

svensk November 2, 2009

Hi all,

Here are 5 more links (no duplicates) to songs from various cassette tape college radio mixes from the mid 1980s – except the last track is a little more recent from college radio WZBC. If the album art is still attached it might provide clues, but I haven't found Song Name and Artist Name with my search word guesses or with tunatic. Maybe you can?

30. Like Throwing Muses.mp3

Thanks for any efforts!

svensk October 28, 2009

Sorry about the large .wav files being a problem for you. I checked these download links and found that the .wav files take me about 5 minutes each to download and the mp3 files take about 5 to 10 seconds for me to download from the free mediafire links. For the links numbered 15 through 19 – I have created mp3 versions for you so you don't have to wait for the large .wav downloads unless you think wav format is worth the time relative to mp3 format. These are the exact same songs, in the shorter mp3 format, on links 15b through 19b…


I'll avoid the large wav format and stick with mp3 here on. Except for those 5 wav links, All the other links are mp3. Thanks all.

    Sidharth October 31, 2009

    The blog comment system automagically blocks all comments with more than 1-2 external links. Now, I have approved your comments.. so other people can also download the uploaded songs and help you if possible..

    I am going to download a few and will let you know if I am aware of the music.. maybe do a deep research on it and will get back to you!

      svensk November 2, 2009

      Thanks for the info update.

      If I direct people to will they be able to access the links there and reply – or should all that be done here on this page link only?

      I was also a little curious about the post with the 15 links – 'privatized' – not on anymore for my update editing? It's no problem – I'm just curious about the workings of your system.

      Thanks again.

svensk October 27, 2009

Here are 8 additional links to song unknowns –

For the first 5 Audio Tracks here I'm looking for help to ID the CD – with Artist and/or CD name I should be able to look up song titles (but if you can fill those blanks in too, much appreciated). These 5 are from a completely unlabeled CD collected from a friends collection who has no idea either – but the quality of the tracks is excellent (I have 5 more tracks unlabeled for this CD that I did not upload – I guessed these first 5 would be enough). – these are in .wav format so if they take too long to download I can make and upload mp3's if anyone asks – sorry I didn't think of that first (the rest here are mp3)


THE 5 FILES ABOVE (15-19) ARE LARGER .wav FORMAT (they take about 5 minutes each for me to download)
They are re-created in my reply post – scroll up this page – as mp3 format (15b to 19b)…

THE FILES BELOW ARE MUCH SMALLER .mp3 FORMAT (they take 5 to 10 seconds for me to download)
Your speeds may be different, but the relative difference – 5 minutes vs. 5 seconds – should be similar for you.

The next two tracks (the 'unk-to be' and 'pop drug store' – names are only temporary guesses) are from an old 1980's mix cassette tape recorded from radio and more recently converted to digital. Thus, the quality is a bit less than perfect and songs may be a little truncated – but, when I make songs digital I try to leave 'clean' start and finish cuts and fades. Anyway, I'm looking for Artist Name and Song Name on those.


The last track in the set is good acoustic quality – I think it's E. Costello? – This is a random single song unknown I have not been able to ID. For this one I'm looking for Song Name, Artist, and particularly the CD name it is on – then I can go attach correct metadata and artwork.


Just cleaning up the large (almost 210 gig) iTunes music collection – Thanks for any help!

svensk October 26, 2009

As I post more links – you will find the most complete list at for checking and seeing if you can identify any of these unknown sings! – or you could also try… – for almost the same set of links – and/or for help from others.

svensk October 23, 2009

I tried posting links here to 15 songs that I uploaded to mediafire – but the links don't appear here.? Try clicking on the little box next to my log in name – svensk – and click expand – then click see more comments – and you might be able to find your way to the links that way.

svensk October 19, 2009

I have songs I would like to upload somewhere (where is what I want to find out) in the hope that someone might be able to ID them for me. I really want to see if anyone can help with the one's where typical search efforts have not worked. I have songs from 1980s college radio (particularly WSMU and WBRU) that are particularly difficult to ID. I don't expect Tunatic to get them all. Thanks for any advice.

Song Title Searcher January 12, 2009

This is truly one of the most useful applications I have found. Thank you for turning me on to it – now I never have to guess who the artist of a great new song is or what the title is. Very helpful indeed!

stratosg August 29, 2008

nice and useful find indeed! thx sid!

Pratyush August 29, 2008

It will be a challenge for it if it can recognize the Bollywood songs too. Will give it a try. Nice find Sid.

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