Test iMac 27? Screen For Defects and Dead Pixels (Only for iMac 27-inch Display)

By Sidharth | Apple

Over the last few years, as Apple was busy ramping up the iMac lineup, questionable display screens emerged with the machine. Some of these defective screen were unfortunately clubbed with the Intel-based iMac 27-inch model, leaving the buyers on the edge of frustration.

If the iMac screen appears washed out, with a slight change in color from the top to the bottom of the screen, then one thing is for sure: your iMac isn’t perfect — chances are that your iMac screen has dead pixels.

So how do you detect dead pixels on your iMac screen?

If you have access to Demonoid website, then go ahead and download the file given below. On executing the file, a full white-screen appears on your iMac system, which is helpful to find out if there is any dead pixels, grey banding, backlight bleeding, or faded coloring on your iMac machine.

This tiny app is distributed as a free program only on Demonoid, which is one of the popular torrent tracker on the internet. Follow the instructions on the website and download the file. Remember: This file upon execution doesn’t fix the screen defect; it is used primarily to “detect” the defects and works only with iMac 27” model, running 2560×1440 resolution display.

Download Link.

Luckily, Apple takes this issue very seriously. If your iMac screen is faulty, then the only way to get it repaired/fixed is to send the device to the Apple store. They will replace the machine with a brand new one.

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