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If you are a fan of Mozilla firefox but also love the Interface of Google chrome web browser then here are some of the addons and tricks which I think will help in transforming your Mozilla browser to match and give a feel of chrome. You can also make use Google chrome addons and bookmarklets to enhance the Chrome browsing experience.

Chromifox addon – Firefox Chrome theme

Chromifox is a simple addon which will change your Mozilla firefox default theme into Google chrome styled theme including the tab bar and all the navigation buttons.The theme matches Chrome with a bright and soft blue refreshing color,chromifox addon is compatible with Firefox 3 on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X

Download Chromifox Firefox addon

Recently closed tabs addon


Google chrome shows the recently closed tabs whereas there is no option option to see those closed tabs in firefox.One thing you can do in firefox is go to the history and undo the closed tabs or use this “Undo closed tabs addon” which when installed will show you a button with the recently closed tabs history list.It will show recently 10 closed tabs,clicking on them will direct you to that webpage.

Download Closed tabs firefox addon

Download Notification addon on Status bar

Another firefox-chrome difference is the download status.When you download a file in firefox browser a window pops out when showing the download status (time remaining,size of file) whereas in Google chrome the download status is seen in the status bar.

Downloading Statusbar Firefox addon will bring the Chrome status bar download feature in your Firefox browser.

Download Status bar firefox addon

Auto dial homepage addon

Whenever a new window or tab is opened in Chrome browser,you can see a list of websites which you visit frequently.Here is a firefox addon called as “Auto dial” which will showcase frequently visited pages easily accessible when you open a new tab.You can also alter the links to be shown (ha! this feature is not  available in chrome too 😉 )

Alternately you can try downloading speed dial extension which works like opera speed dial showing thumbnails of websites.

Download Auto dial Firefox addon

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Sagar January 25, 2010

Is there any way to merge tab bar to title bar as in chrome to save space?

Oyunlar February 26, 2009

Is there any add-on that speeds up Firefox as like as Chrome? lol

Anish K.S November 3, 2008

Its a Nice Addon, Thanks for the Link, Help the User to get the Addon easily.

MOin October 31, 2008

looks great but why not use chrome instead but yeh i got it chrome is not that good yet but hope for it good. nice 😀

Sohail October 29, 2008

Great find. I will stay with firefox as it is and i like it 🙂

G October 27, 2008

That’s a pretty neat trick you got there going 😀

Hillary Martin October 21, 2008

Nice blog, I love to see this kind of content, keep up the good work.

Rajeev Edmonds October 20, 2008

Nice extensions to turn the look and feel of Firefox into Google Chrome.

narendra.s.v October 5, 2008

hehe why transform when we get chrome for free? 😛 anyways i’ll try it out 😉

kuanhoong October 4, 2008

I think it would be easy just to use Google Chrome browser as the real thing. 😀

google chrome fan September 25, 2008

i like your article. my only fear is too add too much stuff to me firefox and make it too heavy and sluggish!

Melvin September 17, 2008

A little offtopic comment here.. I think your theme is awesome… 😉

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