Translate, Bookmark, Share in Google Chrome Without Chrome Extensions/Addons

By Sidharth | How-to

google_chrome_extensions Google chrome extensions are now functional but it’s availability is limited. However, the past Google chrome addons (also read as Google chrome bookmarklets) are pretty much helpful and can be used on any internet browser.

Similarly, today I’ll be sharing one tool that will help you to tweet, Bookmark, Share (similar to Shareaholic extension of Google Chrome) and translate webpages on Google chrome or Opera browser without installing any tool or extensions.

This useful online service is called usekit which provides an toolbar for completing tasks such as tweeting, bookmarking and translating webpages for free.

How to use Usekit on Google Chrome

First step is to register at usekit, I know this might sound like a lengthier process but it’s not. The signup and verification will hardly take a minute or two. Once you are done with the registration process, login to your usekit account as shown in the screenshot.


Now you have to add the usekit button to your bookmark menu bar. In Google chrome you can use ctrl+b to show/hide bookmark manager bar. On the right side of usekit homepage you can find the usekit button which should be dragged to the bookmark bar as shown.


That’s it. Carry on with your browsing habits and whenever you feel like tweeting the webpage, bookmarking it or translating pages into your own language then click the usekit button that you’ve bookmarked, a toolbar in the botton appears where you can also make sticky notes, mark the webpage or bookmark on delicious!


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