Watch YouTube Videos With Your Friends Using Google Plus Hangouts

By Sidharth | Google

Although Google Plus is not available publicly, and the non-plussers are still grilled to the extent that asking invite is the only way to get into Google Plus, this doesn’t stop Google from taking a step further in expanding its social networking empire.

Google has added a new “Start a Google+ Hangout” button in YouTube, which allows you to add your friends and watch videos alongside while keeping the communication flow intact. This is just another way of making video chatting easier.

So, if you want to watch videos with your friends, head over to YouTube and click on the video you want to watch with your friends — the video can be anything from a music video to a cat lulz or a full-length movie hosted on YouTube. Sharing videos couldn’t get any easier.

Using YouTube to Hangout With Your Friends.

Assuming that you’ve already signed into Google account, hop over to YouTube to find the video you want to share with your friends.

When you are on the video page, click the “Share” button. Amongst the many sharing options available, one of them is “Watch with your friends” which when clicked will open a window, warranting you the access to add friends from your Google+ Circle, and the video will stream in real-time.

As your friends are watching the YouTube video on Google Plus, you can search videos inside the window, mute or push your friends to talk. Not just you but even your friends have control over the room. So, it’s kind of fun to find out your friend’s zest for videos.

Head over to now to try it out.

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