Ways to Open Multiple URL Of Website Online

By Sidharth | How-to

Opening website url links together in all new tabs in any browser can be assisted with the help of tools and addons. Different browser work on different engine algorithm but rendering the same result i.e, they are used to browse the web effectively. And here are some simple ways to open multiple urls of any website instantly without manual work on your browser.

Open Multiple Url Online

Online sites such as Url opener allows you to input any number of website links and open them in your browser tabs. Compile the list and input them in the box, so no matter if you are using Chrome, Firefox or Opera – You can still open them from any of the browser decisively.

Save Urls as Bookmarkmultiple_url_opener

One of the many standard method I’ve been using for a while. Manually create a new folder, open each of the website and bookmark them one by one in the newly created folder location. Now head over to the bookmark, folder and you will find the option to open all websites in the tabs. You can also re-order the website and add few more quickly.

Open Multiple Url using addon

Txtlink is an firefox addon that let’s you highlight any part of the text and open in new tab. You can use this for opening large number of webpages. If you have a list of websites to be opened then head over textsnip, paste the links and use the addon to open all of them at a go. This is an useful addon as it allows you to copy, open url in tabs right from the context menu.

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