Windows XP reactivate for lost license keys

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Most of you often re install the operation system once in a while but there is a problem faced by many in reactivating windows XP for which you need to enter the Windows license key number during the installation.If you have misplaced the Microsoft windows cd key then you can always retrieve lost license number by using freeware license finder which check your system registry files to obtain your original serial key.If you have lost windows serial key or facing difficulty in getting rid of hardware error after windows xp reinstallation then make a backup of file “wpa.dbl” in windows system32 folder.

Before doing anything let me explain about wpa.dbl file – This is a system database file which stores your xp activation key along with hardware configuration information.Whenever you are changing any of your system configuration then the changes are reflected in this file.So if you want the same system configuration then you can backup wpa.dbl file and restore it after re installing windows xp to re-activate your installation.


Note : Be careful while implementing this steps and always make sure you do this under guidance!

To begin with navigate to the system32 folder i.e, C:WINDOWSsystem32 folder if you have windows xp installed in the C drive.Search for the file “wpa.dbl” and make a backup by regular methods such as cd burning or saving it in your floppy disk.Now re install the Windows XP and boot it in safe mood (F8), copy the old wpa.dbl file and replace it in the system32 folder! Viola you are done reactivating windows xp!

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stratosg February 22, 2009

this is an excellent post Sid. Very good point made in a very clear way!

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