Add Audio To Website Through Phone Call or Text Conversion

By Sidharth | Ideas

So why don’t you spice up your personal website with a personal greeting message for your visitor?

Really, adding audio or any MP3 music to your website or blog can’t get easier than this. The new tool sending the waves across the internet is AudioPal, which is a free and no-registration-required tool.

What the tool does is exactly what you are looking for: to embed audio to your blog or website, on the sidebar or into the post.

Audio Pal (link removed) features many options that lets you add audio to your site. First, you get an option to make a phone call and then record the clip, upload on the Audio Pal site and use the recording on your site. The other option is to enter a piece of text, around 600 words long, and let the site do the recording for you.


After you have added the text, choose the tone, either male or female, and then, of course, embed the code. It’s easy, and a great tool to use it on your site.


One more thing: to be able to embed the code of the audio, you’ll have to input your email address, in this case I’d suggest you to use disposable email ID’s. You can then select the code in either JavaScript, HTML or Flash code. You get the point. Go ahead and try out this website, and if you have any desktop version that does what the online tool does, then feel free to let me know. For now, those who have access to the internet, this is an ideal solution to quickly create, embed an audio file onto your website — it’s free, so spare the complains.

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rananavas January 2, 2010

please send to my mail

kevin August 25, 2009

please send to my account

Vikram August 23, 2009

Yes, nice new concept, have to try on my site. A change is always good:)

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