Add Yahoo Messenger Button on your Website

Want to add a Yahoo Messenger status button on your website or blog so that visitors can contact you? Here is a simple way to add your own Yahoo Messsenger button displaying Online Offline status on wordpress, blogger blogspot or any other web blogging platform! If you are looking for a colorful Yahoo messenger widget then Pingbox online chat from Yahoo will serve your Website/blog better.

Copy the below code which renders a little horizontal Yahoo button indicating your messenger status (Offline/Online).Whenever a user wants to interact with you, they can click on the button and add you on Yahoo messenger.You can put this code into your blog, website or social networking profile such as Myspace.Here is the code

<center><a href=”ymsgr:sendIM?YM_ID”><img border=0 src=”″ /> </a></center>


Note : Make sure you change “YM_ID” into your own Yahoo messenger ID

For wordpress user you can copy the above code into your widgets.Select text widget and edit the widget by pasting the above code, Save it!

For blogspot bloggers, add widget and click on the insert Html/Javascript option.Select the above code, paste it and refresh the blog inorder to reflect the messenger status button.

  • nick

    thanks for your info…

  • nick

    Hi donna ,
    1) make sure you got your YM id in script
    2) make sure you are online in YM
    3) refresh your page

    update your adobe flash player
    update java

    should work !

  • joel

    It still says i am not online when i am actually on.Why is that?

  • Ryan

    Added this script on my website, showed me offline.. Yes, I refreshed my cache and yes, I put the yahoo id in the correct place as im able to click it being offline and still open up an IM box with said id.

  • Negahban

    Donna your link is mistake,,,probably u didnt give id yet

  • Bahsis

    I need another gadget / button online, any help will be appreciated

  • jarip

    thankz sob…

  • Rockstar Sid

    @donna – Have u refreshed your cache? Try it once again.

    @James – Of course Google talk is faster 😀

  • James

    Who is faster to load during chatting? yahoo messenger or google talk?

  • Zara

    Please add me!

  • Zara

    Zara from Pakistan.

  • donna

    It still says i am not online when i am actually on.Why is that?

  • Des3ZONER

    Thanks for the script.. I’m helped.. :-)