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Having a chat with stranger, or anyone you know, is always fun. Plus it’s easy, free and a great way to pass time. Site like Omegle offers free video chat with strangers.

There are many video chatting websites available online, and most of them are definitely for you if you’re bored, or you want to explore people of varied ethnicity from the comfort of your home.

Start a Webcam Video Chat With Omegle

The Omegle chat website has been popular around the web as it connects you with people — helps you chat with strangers, actually. Around 2000 users were online when they launched the text chat feature and now there are over 5000 users online because of the new feature that allows you to instantly have webcam video chatting which is pretty awesome if you’ve nothing better to do.

The site is similar to instant online chatting services like Yahoo! Messenger, but the people you talk to are not known to you — they are all strangers with whom you have webcam chat.

Check out video chat website – Website. Also, don’t forget to visit our omegle chatting guide for interesting tips and tricks.

Omegle Chat

Have a webcam? That’s cool because video chatting is even more fun at Omegle.

Of course, a whole lot of guys have flooded Omegle webcam chat and they are doing more than just mere chatting — doing nasty stuffs, that is. However, there were decent people around who were just bored (most of them), and it is really nice to see people from different culture and countries right from your PC.

I found this anonymous webcam video chatting feature to be much better, although I haven’t tried other services. One more service that deserves a mention is Chatroulette — the new internet sensation.

I also stumbled upon some really freaky and funky people out there — not to forget some of the people were disguised ghostly just to scare us.

Do try it out if you’re looking for having an anonymous video chat with the strangers, it’s indeed fun to an certain extent. If Omegle could include geo-targeting feature then that’s gonna definitely pull in a lot more users into their site and create a vibrant environment.

Have you encountered any funny moments at Omegle chat room? Share the chat log here… The beauty of anonymous online chatting is that you can meet people from different countries and ignore them without stating any specific reason.

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