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Fine tuning your torrenting skills could make you very much popular on uploadthe web. People would love you for your contribution and efforts. Of course, uploading quality torrent isn’t easy; it requires proper video ripping, audio synchronization and more importantly – maintaining the dvd quality of the movie with a much reduced size — All these accounts for the best torrent uploader on the internet.

So, who actually are the top torrent uploaders?

For me, it was aXXo when he was out there uploading excellent dvd ripped movies (Who is aXXo), but later on, for no valid reason, he just disappeared in the wind and never returned! I admit, I wasn’t aware of other torrent uploaders at that time and was questioning the quality of other torrent uploaders. Although, I did give a try, and was pretty much satisfied.

Vote for the best torrent uploader on the Web


Opinions differ. You might prefer Klaxxo over aXXo, or download Keltz dvdrip torrents. Whatever may be the case, finding out the winner (read: best uploader) would be possible only though a voting system and not with the individuals comment or opinion.

For this reason, I’ve added a poll so you with all possible good torrent uploaders I have come across. So, please cast in your vote by choosing your favorite and best torrent uploader. Let’s see the results..

The poll is taken down. And the clear winner is aXXo.


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dqtrwho February 5, 2013

More recently, I prefer YIFY (typically very small sizes with quite good quality).

Jack October 8, 2010

secretmyth’s quality is unparalleled, they’re all BRRips or BDRips of exceptional quality and resolution….

Ezze-e May 29, 2010

Hey thanks for the information i have being searching for it for a while. There is something else i want to ask, can you tell me most of the game uploaders Like “Dopeman” “Skullptura” “Blaze69” “1911” “DierctPlay” “Razor” and “Toed” are there any more? I usually look for more compact versions of games because its a quicker DL. any information will be greatly appreciated.
God Bless.

    Sidharth June 29, 2010

    Hey! Funny, you know a lot more than me!

    Frankly, I’ve used “Dopeman,” “Skullptura” and “Blaze69″ for games till now. Rips of Skullptura are awesome! Oh yes, I need to get involved into torrents and explore the best game uploaders. 🙂

    Still a newbie…

3 TB of Movies May 18, 2010

FXG > Axxo = FXM > Noir = keltz = 2lionsteam = klaxxon = replica = secretmyth = bugz = dxo = draggonripper624 = (1337x)X = prism = flawl3ss = imagine = zektorm = jaybob = many others(will fill a whole page writing their names down) >>> a bunch of crap(will fill a book writing their names down!!!
But back in 2007-2008, axxo was the undoubted winner!!! He doesnt upload anymore:-(…that makes FXG the king of dvdrips(just my opinion:-))Hes the only one who uploads english subtitles along with the movies and the same standard 700-800mb size with best quality! Definitely hes a notch ahead of the rest!

Source: Experience with 3TB of movies(currently) and more than 30 TB in DVD/CD!!!

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