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Hard Drive Reader (HDR) are sometimes referred to as “external enclosure”. These are based on plug play support (portable) and are similar to the normal hard disk drives of a standard computer.

Flash USB drives and other Card readers are the classes of Hard disk readers available, the price depends on the type of disk and the storage space chosen.

Usually the USB drive reader are cheaper compared to that of the portable external hard drive reader whereas the latter is helpful in copying, storing large amount of information in an efficient manner.

Laptop Hard Drive Reader are also available that are designed to suit portable laptops which comes with optimal heat dissipation and fast data transfer. Here is how a normal hard disk drive reader looks like


You can often purchase such hard drive enclosures from online shopping websites or auction websites that are distinctly available on the internet.

Also It is recommended to troubleshoot hard drive reader every now and then to avoid any damages and have a healthy hard disk life.

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Nadia February 9, 2010

and lastly, can the reader be replaced if this is the problem?

Nadia February 9, 2010


I dropped my hard drive not too long ago and now it is no longer recognized when i plug it into my computer. Could it be a problem with the reader?

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