Corrupt your files and save them

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Life is a game of completing projects.Whether you are in school,college or office,you have to complete a project in the form of slides,documents or PDF files which is really annoying (at least for me).

You have a deadline to submit a project/report but you still want to surf the Internet and play games on PlayStation? You can do this!

Here is a awesome free service called as File destructor. Send trashed corrupted files to your Boss/teachers and blame your faulty computer, instead of confessing that you are a lazy bum who just wants to play games or surf the Internet.No matter in which field you are in, File destructor has 20 extensions to help you make corrupted files.

Just go to File destructor and enter the file name, size in bytes (1mb = 1024 bytes) and choose any extension, click on Destruct and save file!


These are features of File destructor :

  • More file extensions added
  • Unlimited file size
  • 100% Mac and PC compatible
  • Improved destruction and saving time
  • No plug-in needed
  • No bundled software or virus of any kind
  • Free to use

So leave all projects and get yourself more time for enjoying!!

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Rajaie AlKorani June 14, 2008

That is one sweet service! I can just imagine the amount of damage you could do with it 😆

stratosg June 13, 2008

lol this is sneaky but funny 😀

Siddharth June 13, 2008

this seems cool 😀
I may use this on my frnd’s pc to corrupt his games and movies 😛

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