Firefox 3 Hack: Get Old Style Address Bar Location

By Sidharth | Ideas

Firefox beta 3 browser has address bar which double bar when you type something i.e it shows all your bookmarks and history  when you type any word in address bar. Though this is the best feature of firefox 3 but it is kind of annoying sometimes and provides irrelevant results which includes bookmark source.


So here is a Firefox plugin which is compatible with Firefox 3 beta browser, the firefox addon name is Old address bar. Old Address bar is an excellent extension which makes the location (URL) bar look like Firefox 2, old style bar. Here is the screenshot after installing Old address bar add on.


Just download and install the addon and restart your firefox 3 browser!

Reducing the number of results in the address bar :

After installing this add on, if you want less number of web results to be displayed then follow this easy steps :

1. Enter about:config your address bar. Ignore any messages or warnings.

2. Type browser.urlbar.maxRichResults in the Filter field

3. Double click on it, a small box opens with some number (it was 12 for me), just limit it to 5 and click on Ok.

This way you can reduce the number of results in your firefox address bar.

Thanks to Amit tech blog

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