Fix World of Warcraft Unable to connect. Please try again later Connection Issue

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Large mass of people are into gaming on the web as it’s played with passion and as profession, for some. In this loop comes the game that has been largely popular – World of Warcraft, often abbreviated as WoW.

World of War craft holds an Guinness record for being the world’s most subscribed MMORPG. The WoW servers are always crowded with online challengers which makes it extremely fun. However, sometimes there can be issue with the server connection when you try to connect to World of Warcraft game, and the connection gets ignored with an message such as


Unable to connect, Please try again later. If the problem persists please contact Tech support.

So, how do you fix such unable to connect Wow servers messages? Here are some helpful tips and insights that will probably help you get rid off such messages and enjoy your WoW ride..

First of all, make sure all the ports are open on your router and no firewall is on. Sometimes, they can be the root cause for the connectivity issues on WoW servers.

Another cause can be the limitation from your internet provider. Some of the ISP try to limit excessive usage of DSL. Confirm about this from your isp!

A tip I found on the official forum was to delete the file dsound.dll. Check out your WoW folder on your HD and search for the dsound.dll file, delete it. Make sure you delete the .dll file that is in the WoW folder and not in the other system files of Windows. Multiplayers have said that this has resolved the connection issues! So, go ahead and delete the file, but be careful.

You can also trouble shoot and start tracing by using windows command editor. Open RUN and type CMD which opens the command editor. Trace the and save it on an text file. For example:

tracert > C:tracert.txt

Which will save the result in tracert.txt, if you can find out the problem through the text file (require technical knowledge) then it’s well and good, else you can post them on official world of warcraft forum, the members will definitely help you out in such cases. If not, as they say – Why not try again later? 😉 For real, the servers do go down, but that’s like once in full moon!

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