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Most companies are in need of help desk support software for their business, customer care and administrative needs. The different help desk software programs available at present vary from each other in terms of cost, customer interaction options, the number of users accepted and ticket management system options.

To get the most out of the help desk support software that you opt for, it is a great help to first be thoroughly aware of the exact requirements of your company.

If you are looking for free help desk support software then there are quite a few good options available to you over the internet that will give you excellent help desk support without you having to spend money. Web Help Desk Free 9.1.21, Web+Center 6.1 and SmarterTrack 4.0 are a number of such highly lucrative options for your company.

Web Help Desk Free 9.1.21 Freeware Help Desk

This software is a free edition of Web Help Desk. It works on all versions of Microsoft Windows and provides you with a host of features that enable you to track and accomplish your technical support and customer service requirements without breaking into a sweat.


Web Help Desk Free 9.1.21 provides an instinctive Web-based technician interface and a number of features such as e-mail to-ticket conversion, customer support Web-Portal and 2-way e-mail integration that make it so much easier for your company to tackle its held desk support needs.

Web+Center 6.1 Help Desk Software

This free help desk support software runs on Windows NT/2000/2003/XP Pro using MS IIS. It is a good software pack consisting of a number of useful tools. Version 6.1 contains five different tools — Customer+Center, Business+Center, Tech+Center, Pocket+Center and Reservation+Center each of which deals with a particular aspect of help desk support. Customer+Center allows customers to register, check and update their support and work order tickets.

Tech Center is for the support staff for tracking and management of the support and work order tickets. Business Centre is for the management of sales, Pocket Centre is a mini version of the Tech Centre that runs on a pocket browser on a pocket PC and Reservation Centre is a media reservation tool. In a nutshell, Web Centre 6.1 is a very comprehensive and detailed package for your business needs.

SmarterTrack 4.0 Help desk Program

SmarterTrack 4.0 is another free help desk support software that can fulfill your help desk requirements. It is strong and comprehensive and contains many features such as multi-lingual Live Chat, Ticket system, WhosOn, cost analysis, branding and language support, reporting, data mining, and a Knowledge Base.

SmarterTrack 4.0

The Ticket system is highly effective and Live Chat and WhosOn allow efficient communication, assistance and tracking of customers. Branding support is of great help as it allows increased brand recognition of companies. Version 4.0 of SmarterTrack also includes surveys and a hosted service option.

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