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An integral part of website monitoring is to manage it wisely. And, such factors depend on a variety of criteria – The site softwares, extensions used and more importantly, the hosting server in use. However, it’s always recommended to use monitoring services for exploring your website activities.

Website monitoring services are beneficial for an individual, or an company who owns a website. With such services and softwares, you can track your website status and check out it’s loading time. With that being said, let’s have a quick look at some of the free website and blog monitoring services and softwares.

Website Monitoring Softwares

Very least preference is given for free website monitoring services for a couple of reasons. They ask you to update, many bloated spyware freewares are floating around the web that promises website monitoring and some of them are quite limited.

One freeware and simple monitoring services is Site monitor which doesn’t show all the statistics though, but it’s good if you’ve multiple websites and to see if they are up and running smoothly.


You can directly download Sitemonitor from here

However, you can find some top professional website monitoring services for your website company if you’re seriously looking for accurate information. Such monitoring services will cost you more than a grand per year, but they are worth the money for bigger companies who owns an network of websites.

Online Website Monitoring Services

Pingdom is another well known website monitoring services that offers various prices and basic free plans. The analysis of errors, downtime and website uptimes are reported instantly.


Pingdom is an online service that can be accessed from anywhere, you can also check the response time with detailed log making it an simple and useful monitoring services.

I also found quick report to be quite helpful. Although, even they have an basic free account and it is very limited, but it’s still pretty much helpful. You will receive an sms or email notification whenever your website is down!

Even has an pretty useful monitoring services, which shows whether your website is up or not with an periodic hourly check.

I feel it would be quite unnecessary to sign up for all the website monitoring services. If you want to track your website uptime then an basic free account would be more than enough, although this is entirely your choice. However, join only a few popular or the above mentioned services so as to not waste your entire time in monitoring the website, instead invest your time on building content to your website.

You can also make use of real time traffic tracking services that reports the number of users online and also gives an graphical overview of the traffic received every hour. This helps to know the traffic origin and also find out about the downtime 🙂

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