Gamato Shut Down Officially – No Movies, Music For Download

By Sidharth | Ideas

It’s amazing how piracy has taken its toll, thanks to the internet – It’s very much easier to download movies, music and any digital products for free! Here is another site that was shut down by the police – and it’s been shut down officially.

Mininova faced it, and so did Gamato. Gamato, with an .info extension has become one of the top website for downloading movies, music off the internet attracting more than 16 million users each and everyday, and surprisingly the site is not in English. It’s in Greek.

gamato_info_greek has been up and running for more than seven years now. A warez site being the largest website in Greece is something to ponder about. With over 850,000 members and thousands of pirated movies, music and commercial softwares costing worth over 1.36 billion dollars were found on the website.

The Greek copyright protection raided the suspects (the owners of Gamato) and confiscated over 27 HD, 600 Cds. Of course, there are alternatives, but don’t put your foot down and support it all the way through. It’s always appropriate to buy dvds or get it on rental if you want to watch movies 🙂 Of course, there are exceptions! 😉

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