GoDaddy Auto Renewing Domains – How to Cancel PayPal Subscription Linked to GoDaddy

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By now, if you own a couple of domain names, you must be aware of the the auto renewal subscription schemes employed by the domain registrars.

When you buy a domain name from your PayPal account, domain registrars such as GoDaddy automatically creates a subscription for the subsequent year, then takes the money out of your PayPal account without any notifications. This is both a useful and useless feature.

This is a useful feature because you don’t have to worry about the domain expiration.

However, some of us buy domains in bulk, and at the end of the domain’s lifespan we want to drop the domain, but GoDaddy will renew it automatically. The good news is that you can always uncheck auto renew option from your GoDaddy account and cancel the PayPal GoDaddy subscription from your PayPal account.

How Domain Auto Renewal Works

Previously, I posted a Godaddy trick on free private domain registration, which is valid for a period of 1 year. When the time period expires, GoDaddy will renew private registration service and charge around $9 for each domain automatically, without your consent. Same goes with the domain expiration.

I lost about $45 because of the private registration. I hate myself!

Most of the domain registrar has this auto renewal feature that is a total rip off for webmasters. To avoid this, you can always cancel the subscription from GoDaddy account. Or, if you have used PayPal to make the transaction then check your PayPal’s transaction history!  Visit the PayPal transaction history and under More filters. Here, you will be able to see all of the auto renewal subscription you have been subscribed for.

You have the ability to stop auto renewing of domains by stopping future payments to GoDaddy.


You can also visit GoDaddy account, under payment information where you will find options to deactivate any future transaction from the particular credit card or PayPal account linked with your GoDaddy account!

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