Hack your competitor web site right now

By Sidharth | Ideas

Angry that  your enemy/competitor gets many traffic and money whereas you get next to nothing! This is really frustrating.How do you hack that undeserving website of your competitor ?? I have got a extreme solution which will satisfy you and make you really happy destroying the website.

Just check out some screenshot of this ultimate hack :



Impressed! Even you can do this hack.

This is a live hack i.e you can instantly edit the web pages,no need to use software or coding.You must simply follow these steps.Also remember that this hack is only visible on your own computer.Note you can use any web browser (such as Internet Explorer and Firefox) for this hack to work.

How to hack a competitor web site easily :

Go to the web site or web page you want to hack  – Just visit any website and wait until it loads fully,so that you can edit the whole web page easily.

Copy the JavaScript code on the address bar – Just remove the URL of the website from address bar and replace it with this JavaScript code

javascript: document.body.contentEditable = ‘true’; document.designMode = ‘on’; void 0

Hit Enter – Just hit enter button and click on any content area to edit the content.

Here is what the number 1 blogger – Problogger said about me 🙂


You should have JavaScript enabled to perform this hack. You can enable it in your browser preferences. This isn’t a real hack,it is a javascript used just for fun!

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