How to Create and Share Presentations Online for Free

By Sidharth | Ideas

Creating presentation slides without downloading any software is possible if you have constant access to the Internet. Some of the best ideas come out well in the form of presentations. Check out the best presentations on business and these top-notch cloud computing PPTs to know how

There are several ways, and several apps to make a presentation but in this article we will discuss one of the easiest way to design, create and share presentations.

To be able to achieve this, all you need is a steady Internet connection and you’re good to go.

Most number of people use Microsoft PowerPoint to create presentations, but if you are a Internet freak and don’t want to use applications by downloading them to your hard disk but still want to make presentations, then check out 280 Slides.


280 Slides is designed to really look and feel like the desktop based applications to which most of the people are used to. By using this free presentations service – putting the media rich stuffs like videos and images is really very easy.

And the best part? — You don’t have to download anything!

Some of the features of 280 slide presentations are :

  • Quality presentation themes
  • Run slides in your browsers
  • Publish presentation online
  • Store and take it with you
  • Add photos and Movies
  • Download to PowerPoint extension

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