How to Embed Bing Maps on Website/Blog

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bing-logo-searchengineSay you own a company for which you have a website. This website must have your name, phone number, location, etc. Along with the textual content, it would be better to include a map which accurately points out the address of your office.

To include a map, you can either use Google maps or Bing maps. In this article, we will talk about Bing maps, and learn how to add an interactive map on your website.

Bing maps is the rebranded version of the MSN maps. You can access this mapping service by visiting Assuming you already know how to use the map, which is fairly easy, let’s find out what it takes to embed bing maps on any website — be it a WordPress blog or a static website.

Adding Bing Maps Right Now!

By now, you may have noticed the above Bing maps URL doesn’t come with any “add” or “embed” option. With Bing maps, you can only share the link with your friends & family — that is, you cannot embed the real map on your website.

Don’t worry, as embedding maps is possible with the help of Microsoft Ajax. On top of that, customization is super-easy.

Bing Maps Screenshot

Using Bing Maps on a website

To get started, head over to this webpage and select the location or navigate through the map. Then click on source code to receive the HTML code.

Add this code to your blog pages or to any webpage. You can also change the default Road map into Aerial map, if you want to. It’s that simple. Want more? Similar to Google Maps on WordPress there’s a Bing Maps for WordPress, which is a free WordPress plugin to help you add maps in no time on blog posts and pages.

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