How to Fix Svchost.exe Process

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SVCHOST.EXE is found to be one of the important processors that run constantly in the Windows being of utmost important. It is good to know about the task that take place in the actual servers and programs that run inside each SVCHOST.EXE mainly when the process eats up nearly 99 or 100 percent of the CPU.Let us have a better understanding of what exactly the svchost process does and how to go about fixing the problems that might occur.

About Svchost file Process

Svchost actually stands for service host and as the name implies it helps to host services. A service in the Windows is nothing but a program in the operating system that is given a specific task to run in the background all the time when the computer is in the on state. This takes place even if you are not logged into the system.

Most of the known programs run as stand alone executables i.e, in .EXEs. But you can find that most of the services come in the form of DLLs and they cannot run on their own. Thus the Svchost helps to load these DLLs and runs them by itself. You will be able to observe this when you open Windows task manager, which will display a number of svchost.exe processes that are running.

In the Task manager you will be seeing a number of Svchost processes running depending on the number of applications that are being executed. All these will be shown as using different amount of memory and under different names. Amongst these if one of them is using a huge CPU usage of 100 percent, then how do we identify what is the actual application that might be running.

Fix Svchost Process Error

There are two ways to identify this. You can do it manually using the command prompt and services tool or you can use a third party application.

Once you have identified which process is exactly eating up all of your memory, lets see how you can fix it. If you find that the process is not a Windows process like a windows update or windows firewall, then you can simply kill the process and uninstall the program. But most of the time it would be a Windows process where the problem would have occurred. In such a case the best thing to do will be is to install all of the latest updates of Windows from the Microsoft’s website. In case you not able to do so in Windows, you can try to restart the computer in a safe mode and do the same.

If you can have access to the services tab of the process that are going on, you can just disable. Even if it is a windows update or a firewall you can easily re-enable it at a later stage. So you can go ahead and disable the services. Then you should restart the computer, go to the Microsoft website and manually download the updates. Then you can re enable the services and restart the computer once again. This would help to fix the errors.

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