How to get Maximum Internet surfing security

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There are thousands of websites spread all over the Internet which provides spyware,virus and other invisible harmful things.If you are searching for a software to download or if you are purchasing any item from unknown sites using your credit card,do you think they are secure ? Are they trustworthy ? Will they provide 100% privacy and protect your personal information? This are some things which every security oriented user has in mind but don’t have the solution to say whether the websites are really reliable and trustworthy.Here is a service called WOT.

WOT is the best way to get Maximum Internet security while surfing online .

WOT is Web OF trust addon for Mozilla Firefox which Keeps yourself safe from unreliable online vendors, spam, spyware, adware, and viruses.It also supports Internet Explorer.

WOT also has child safety navigation and vendor reliability check which will help you know whether the website is secure enough to use your credit card.WOT will caution you if that website contains any harmful signs or threats.Here is a screenshot of on how WOT works when you are using your credit card for purchasing online items from unreliable small websites.


Also when you are searching Google search engine for finding relevant required results,then WOT addon will show the amount of security,privacy,reliability and child safety for a particular website by showing a small colored ring next to the result (Red- harmful,Yellow-Caution and Green-Safe)


WOT is free and best security add on for browsing the Internet without any hassle!

Download WOT for Firefox

Download WOT for IE

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lolo June 20, 2008

Hi Sid… I like this… looks awesome.

Looks very simple to use- I will give it a try.
Thanks so much sharing πŸ™‚

lulu πŸ˜‰

stratosg June 19, 2008

well the new AVG has a similar service. i did not know there is a prog dedicated to it. nice find!

Melvin June 19, 2008

this is a good read. well i have somthing to share w/you.. 2 years ago i probably am the most conscious man in terms of computer security.. i have 10 anti-spyware and a trend micro antivirus and many other stuffs.. right now i dont have any… antivirus, spywares, adwares, count them… it seems that i dont care at all about this things..

Sidharth June 19, 2008

@Aaron – Thanks a lot man.. Mailed you!

@Stratosg – Yea their are loads of programs like this but WOT is a addon,it is integrated in your browser πŸ™‚ Quite simple …

Thanks for the comment !

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