How To Install Themes on PSP 3004, PSP 3000

By Sidharth | Ideas

Unable to install themes on your PSP 3004 device? Or the custom theme you just created isn’t working on PSP 3004? Here is how you can install themes on PSP game console.

If you have already tried installing themes on PSP and it isn’t working then the possible outcomes are – You’ve installed the theme in the wrong PSP directory or the theme extension is not supported by the PSP device.


Note that PSP supports few Video formats only. Likewise, theme files with extension CTF or PTF are supported by PSP. So if you are downloading any PSP themes then make sure they are of these above-mentioned extensions only, otherwise they will not work!

Installing theme on PSP 3004

Whether it is PSP 3000, PSP 2000 or PSP 3004 – The procedure to install themes remains the same. Assuming that you have already downloaded PSP theme or you’ve used Sony PSP theme creator to make your themes, connect the PSP to PC using suitable USB cable.

Now open the PSP drive which contain various folders such as VIDEO, MUSIC and PSP..

Navigate to the PSP folder, in this folder make a folder called ‘THEME’ (without quotes) and put all the themes (with extension CTF or PTF) here. Disconnect the PSP from PC and go to the theme settings to activate your theme. Easy eh? Here is the video I made on installing PSP themes on PSP console, hope this helps! 😉

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