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In the olden days a traditional method of faxing was used, you need a fax machine and a phone line to transmit the message i.e the messages were transmitted by the phone lines. A fax machine is made up of a scanner, a printer and a modem. The receiver and the sender should have a fax machine so tat they can receive and send the messages.

This old method took ample of time since only one fax machine can be connected to the phone line. Internet faxing was a boon to replace the old faxing methods. Internet faxing saves time as well as money. Long messages could be sent to many different countries far away using internet faxing quickly. This internet faxing has made communication easier.

Internet Faxing Process

The process includes a hardcopy which is converted to TIFF or PDF data and then it is attached to e-mail. This is in MIME format. Through the office local area network (LAN) data is sent either by TCP or IP vice versa. It is directly sent to any internet fax on the internet or intranet. This LAN is an advantage in these processes. Because of the use of TCP/IP, the internet faxes cost is very low. And it useful in long distance transmissions.

faxing_onlineThe document stored in your computer can be faxed. You can also scan a document and then send it. You first scan your document then send it to your fax printer. The below passage will guide you fax a document from your computer. Faxing a document is as easy as printing a document. For the fax numbers the Windows XP Fax service uses the Windows Address Book (WAB) as its default address book. As its source for fax address when you install Outlook 2000 or Outlook 2002, the fax service switches to the Outlook Address Book (OAB).

The next way to fax your document, is to scan it then send it to your fax printer. Your scanner will have software along with it to help you set up that kind of fax you want. And it will directly send to your fax printer. You can also use tools in from your windows XP and scan your document and then fax it.

You can do this online internet faxing from your work and your house too. You can send and receive faxes via e-mail at any place. You can also view fax from your e-mail account or faxing softwares. This saves lots of faxing expenses as well as the eliminates the olden methods with fax machine. All you need is an computer with the internet connection 😉

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KA July 21, 2009

When we switched to RingCentral’s internet fax service about a year ago, I was skeptical that we would really save all that much money, but I was wrong. Not only did we save on paper, but we also saved on employee time of searching for a fax that came through several months before. It’s all saved on a computer for easy printout.

I highly recommend interent fax to any small business. It has been wonderful for us!

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