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AlertPay is a well known Paypal Alternative privately managed company with a simple money transfer process, Alertpay system are quite different from Escrow and Paypal service and the fee for money transfer is a bit expensive though. You can transfer your online money from Alertpay to E-Gold which is yet another payment processing system (Alertpay has grown faster due to the GTP paypal dispute). As the title indicates, I will be discussing about transferring your money from Alterpay to Paypal account in this post..

Transfer Money from AlertPay to Paypal

Generally many people prefer Paypal as the mode of online money transfer but incase you have some funds in your Alertpay which you are unable to withdraw or due to heavy alertpay withdraw fee you would like to make a Alertpay – Paypal transfer. Is that possible ? The answer would be “Yes” and “No”..

You must have come across services and websites that offers money transfer from Alertpay to paypal which requests some amount of money as “Fee” but 90% of those sites are fake and doesn’t offer such service, instead you will risk your account/money as neither Alertpay and paypal allows this exchange of money (It is against the “Terms of Service” of Paypal as well as Alertpay). I contacted some of the websites which offer such service and most of them frankly told me the system isn’t working anymore!

So, among the few, your only choices are to trade accounts with online members or anyone you are aware of who is ready to do the same.Basically you can exchange your Alertpay account with someone who is interested in having a funded alertpay account and is ready to give his verified paypal account. Another way is to transfer your Alertpay money to bank via bank transfer feature, and then add this funds to the Paypal once again.

Similarly, you can transfer from Alertpay to E-Gold and then to your paypal account (E-Gold to Paypal). Though this is a lengthy process and will cost you some fee in the transfer but it is secure and safe, legit way to do!

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