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AlertPay is a well known Paypal Alternative privately managed company with a simple money transfer process, Alertpay system are quite different from Escrow and Paypal service and the fee for money transfer is a bit expensive though. You can transfer your online money from Alertpay to E-Gold which is yet another payment processing system (Alertpay has grown faster due to the GTP paypal dispute). As the title indicates, I will be discussing about transferring your money from Alterpay to Paypal account in this post..

Transfer Money from AlertPay to Paypal

Generally many people prefer Paypal as the mode of online money transfer but incase you have some funds in your Alertpay which you are unable to withdraw or due to heavy alertpay withdraw fee you would like to make a Alertpay – Paypal transfer. Is that possible ? The answer would be “Yes” and “No”..

You must have come across services and websites that offers money transfer from Alertpay to paypal which requests some amount of money as “Fee” but 90% of those sites are fake and doesn’t offer such service, instead you will risk your account/money as neither Alertpay and paypal allows this exchange of money (It is against the “Terms of Service” of Paypal as well as Alertpay). I contacted some of the websites which offer such service and most of them frankly told me the system isn’t working anymore!

So, among the few, your only choices are to trade accounts with online members or anyone you are aware of who is ready to do the same.Basically you can exchange your Alertpay account with someone who is interested in having a funded alertpay account and is ready to give his verified paypal account. Another way is to transfer your Alertpay money to bank via bank transfer feature, and then add this funds to the Paypal once again.

Similarly, you can transfer from Alertpay to E-Gold and then to your paypal account (E-Gold to Paypal). Though this is a lengthy process and will cost you some fee in the transfer but it is secure and safe, legit way to do!

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letusexchange January 28, 2011

Good day Members!

I have $200 Liberty Reserve to sell and I’m selling it through Paypal. I’m a legitimate exchanger so please do not Bid lower the amount I’m selling, You know how hard it is to get liberty reserve funds,being a seller it is natural for me to take away some commission coz this is business and you as being a buyer if you want something urgent it’s also a natural thing that you have to pay for the process fee..right? After confirmation of you payment to me, I’ll Automatically send your Liberty Funds within minutes only.

My rate of Exchange : $1 Liberty Reserve = $1.85 Paypal

Additional Info : I’m PAYPAL VERIFIED, meaning to say your
payment to me is SAFE and SECURED

Contact me…!
Yahoo ID: letusexchange


giger January 21, 2011

hi i am a money exchanger.

i want to advertise it.

and i am creating website for this kind of transactions.

i am willing to do send first but on trusted only and i do charge 10% of the total rate.

leave me a message:

PP, AP, LR, NETELLER and MB (vice verse)

no time cleared will send money after the confirmation.

im also looking for people who have many contacts. i will give percentage on his total refer.

looking forward.

divesh January 19, 2011

want trf. from alertpay- paypal..
add me on yahoo messenger..

Gina January 12, 2011

I need someone to send me $30 via Alertpay. I will give you $40 via Paypal. I need this done asap…thats why Im offering the extra $10 for you! And I will send you the pp money first! Email me if you can do this TODAY…


brane33 December 27, 2010

online exchange sistem in real time
paypal moneybookers alertpay pay4allnet

joseph December 11, 2010



let me know if you need.

    antoinette taylor December 12, 2010

    i need a transfer done

      myra January 12, 2011

      i do also.

    promily January 10, 2011

    if any one of need liberty reserve hacking software please hit me up just for $50 for transfer of 200

    myra January 12, 2011

    trusted person to deal with.

    even he charge 12% he is reliable.

    received mine.

    up up up

Pritam Nagrale August 22, 2010

I need to transfer some of my fund from alertpay to paypal to purchase something online. Please give me some idea if there is any service which is having alertpaypaypal transfer facility.

swappy June 12, 2010

i have 26$ in my alertpay n want it to paypal..
can any one help me..
plzz reply.

my mail id is

mail me n write the subject as ap to pp..
so i can reply u as soon as possible…

martinezenis April 3, 2010

i have 100 euro in my paypal and i want to exchange to alertpay
i accepted to exchange this 100 euro by min 80 euro alertpay

    Damian October 8, 2010

    ok I sent to your allertpay 2 $ and you sent to me 2 $ to paypal

      Husam January 5, 2011

      Hi Damian,
      Can do the same for me. I have $11.16 in AlertPay I want to transfer it to Paypal.
      Contact me:

    mark January 5, 2011

    okay hit me

    your 100 will be 80 okay?

heinz March 17, 2010

who would love to exchange my alertpay fund for paypal? ive been looking an online service for that but it seems impossible and there are lots of scams out there… anyway its just a very small amount but i would love to hear from anyone interested…thanks

Swapan Dhar March 12, 2010

Hmm……..everyone here is talking about fund transfer. How about the other way round? Does anyone want to deposit funds to AlertPay account? I don’t charge any fees although there are fees mentioned in my website.

Actually I and my group have enough dollars in our AP accounts and we want hard cash as soon as we can get them. So if anyone out there wants to fund his or her AlertPay account, I can help. All you need to do is deposit the amount required in to my bank account and then I will transfer funds in to your AP account within 30 minutes. The only money you have to pay extra is Rs. 200. That’s Axis Bank intercity cash deposit charges for savings account.

Here’s my mobile no. (I hope it won’t be with-held): (0)9207018110

moneytransfer December 30, 2009

Nice blog!i just got it.I attain money even on those sell off chronicle and sometimes loose money on beatific days, it every depends. I am bright to trade every day no matter what the outlet is doing, I ever still do my best. Just because the outlet is selling off doesn’t mean that everyone is losing or every stock lost. Most do, but up and down chronicle are to be expected in the markets.please post more info about it.Thank you.

annamariakenny November 26, 2009

which retailers accept alertpay and how do we make the transaction ihave 250 dollars in my credit card account so this makes me understand less please all i want to buy my mum something nice for chrismas please some one help me

Peter August 20, 2009

Why do we transfer money from alertpay to paypal?… CUZ ALERTPAY SUCKS !!!!

Tom June 26, 2009

How do i make an E-gold account?

paul June 25, 2009

HeLlo All members
Its time to exchAnge your money now at very low fees its possible now to start your website every thing now you can exchange your paypal/MB/LR/AP/SP to paypal/MB/LR/AP/SP in within 3 days its quite easy just you have to pay a nominal fees well if u want to exchange your money what ratio you will get is as follow

$15-$40 : 1:0.65
$40-$50 : 1:0.75
$50-$60 : 1:0.80

Well currently we are not accepting payments more than $60 because of insufficient amount due to high numbers of transactions and also the objective to serve all a person with email address can only have 2 transactions in month and anyone try to make more than transactions than 2 with fake emails address and same IP address this would not be accepted and your payment will be returned to you and your IP address block from our service.

Steps To Follow:

Make Payment to paypal account : [Email withheld]
drop a mail from your email : [Email withheld]

remember to make some identification by numbers so that we can trace payments

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