MoneyBookers to Paypal Money Transfer

By Sidharth | Ideas

Some of the companies and clients out there make use of different payment processing systems and most of the time these different payment processing system do not stick around with the same algorithm of online transfer. For example: Alertpay and Paypal are two well known money transfer system and you cannot send money directly from Alertpay to Paypal.

But as usual there are workarounds for transferring of money from Alertpay to Paypal, similarly there are no official service to transfer payment from Moneybookers to Paypal.

Both Moneybookers and Paypal transfers money online but works on a different ground altogether. So if you want to purchase some product which requires paypal as the only solution and you have moneybookers money then converting the moneybookers account to paypal isn’t easy. Although I’ve a few solutions to share..


One solution is to trade the accounts. You can exchange Moneybookers money to paypal money from forums or there are readily available services (of course a fee will be charged) where a person will buy your moneybookers account and send you the paypal money into your paypal account.

Another way is to transfer money from moneybookers to bank and re-transfer them to the paypal. Though with this technique your money will be safe but there will be a small fee charge while doing this. In either of the case, you are bound to lose some amount of money. I wish there was any other system that allows easy online transaction, maybe a direct transfer feature would be beneficial. If you have any issues, tips to share regarding this then do leave a comment.

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