MoneyBookers to Paypal Money Transfer

Some of the companies and clients out there make use of different payment processing systems and most of the time these different payment processing system do not stick around with the same algorithm of online transfer. For example: Alertpay and Paypal are two well known money transfer system and you cannot send money directly from Alertpay to Paypal.

But as usual there are workarounds for transferring of money from Alertpay to Paypal, similarly there are no official service to transfer payment from Moneybookers to Paypal.

Both Moneybookers and Paypal transfers money online but works on a different ground altogether. So if you want to purchase some product which requires paypal as the only solution and you have moneybookers money then converting the moneybookers account to paypal isn’t easy. Although I’ve a few solutions to share..


One solution is to trade the accounts. You can exchange Moneybookers money to paypal money from forums or there are readily available services (of course a fee will be charged) where a person will buy your moneybookers account and send you the paypal money into your paypal account.

Another way is to transfer money from moneybookers to bank and re-transfer them to the paypal. Though with this technique your money will be safe but there will be a small fee charge while doing this. In either of the case, you are bound to lose some amount of money. I wish there was any other system that allows easy online transaction, maybe a direct transfer feature would be beneficial. If you have any issues, tips to share regarding this then do leave a comment.

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    I need regular cash to transect between MoneyBookers and PayPal.

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  • Peter

    I need get 80usd to my MB account i will pay via paypal anybody can help?

  • Murali

    I need to transfer 30 USd from paypal to moneybooker. Can anyone help. its urgent.

  • Susan


    need to transfer money from Moneybookers to Paypal

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  • 4ne

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    Hi there if anybody needs a transfer from paypal to moneybookers can send to my paypal and I will send to their moneybookers from my moneybookers.
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    I will only send to your moneybookers after I have paypal confirmation and your right moneybookers email.
    Send amount with details of your moneybookers.
    Thank You

    • jacob

      Can i contact you via online? skype/yahoo/msn?

  • mahdi

    i have 190 euros in money bookers i want to transfer them to paypal who can help?

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  • Kosta

    Hi All! I have 26$ in paypal, need to transfer to moneybookers, anyone can help?

    • Ash

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    • BILAL

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  • Kosta

    Hi All!
    I have 26USD in paypal, need to exchange to moneybookers, anyone can help?

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    Have $26. in Moneybookers would like Click2Pay or Neteller anyone here can help?

  • ASH

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    • BILAL

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      Hi i need to transfer £19 from moneybookers to paypal can you help

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        hi, i can do the deal with you, you send it to my moneybookers add and i will send the 19 euro or pound into exchange rate to your paypal account.
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  • Farhan Yunus

    Can anyone help me to transfer funds $200 from paypal to moneybookers ?

    • Luis

      anyone helps me transferring 20 euros from moneybrookers non gambling money to gambling money. for 20 usd if you desire. Or tranferred to my paypal account

    • Faisal
    • ASH

      Hi there I can I help you with the transfer
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    Need £15 sent to moneybookers from papal account, let me know price.

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    You can send to my PayPal, I will send from my MB to yours

  • Adnan

    WMZ to Money Bookers : 8% fees
    Minimum transfer 5 USD
    Minimum fees 2 USD

    Alertpay to Money Bookers : 12%
    Minimum transfer 10 USD
    Minimum fees : 1.20$

    WMZ to Paypal : 7%
    Minimum transfer 5 USD
    Minimum Fees : 2 USD

    Within 24 hours transferring will be cleared.

    Contact me :

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    hi i have £79 on moneybookers want to exchange for paypal can anyone help?

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      • Albert


        i have $60 in moneybookers. we could definitely seal a deal. Send an email we negotiate.


    • Imran Rajani

      Yes, I can help you. What will be paid to me as a fee?

  • JT

    I got 16$ dollars alertpay looking for someone to transfer me 12$ to moneybookers. Thanks.

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    I need US $ 2 in my paypal account( asap.
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    Hey EVERYONE! – Im looking for 26$ Moneybookers, I have a moneybookers account setup and i need 26$

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    hey NguyenDangThang i might be able to help , how much do you need to change ?

  • Nguyen Dang Thang

    I want to change Paypal to Moneybookers, please help me !

    • alexguy

      hey Nguyen Dang Thang i might be able to help, how much do you need ?

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    hi friends……
    we have started a service that let’s you to transfer your funds from paypal to moneybookers or moneybookers to paypal…. we work through escrow… so there is no chance of scam… we will take 5% fee for funds transfer for first time…. but if you transfer you money again then we will take only 3% from those funds to transfer…… feel free to contact…

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    I need to transfer money from a moneybookers account to a paypal account, can anyone help?

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    hi my name is Percy
    I’m trying to convert some of my Paypal money into my account on moneybookers—can anyone help or assist me in converting paypal funds to moneybookers with the time of how long it should take and the fee is there is one?

    • Yaya

      Percy contact me on my email am looking forward to exchange some money to my paypal account ..

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    Just email me with ammount you want to convert , i will do it in 3 hours Maximum with Minimum me for Rate

    • Esi

      Hi Moneymonster, would you be able to take moneybookers cash in exchange for paypal cash?

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      please i need to send 500 USD to my moneybooker account, please guide

      • Lucian

        Did you resolved your problem ? If not, send me a message to , and I will do it with no fees !

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  • Bill

    this will really be long. check with xe-card and see what they got. Got to use it and it was good.

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    I want to transfer from my moneybooker account to my paypal account for US$ 80-100
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