MSN Messenger Virus From Chat Window. Do Not Click!

By Sidharth | Ideas

msn_messenger_virusWindows MSN messenger has been exploited by spammers spreading virus websites via chatting windows. If you are using MSN chat messenger extensively and you are bugged by unknown messages with website or sign up link then please do NOT click on them.

Why do Spam messages pop up in MSN messenger:

Spamming is unavoidable, in MSN messenger auto bots adds up your email ID by harvesting from the internet and automatically sends chat messages which leads to suspicious MSN related website that might contain virus so that they can steal your login, password information.

Tips to Avoid MSN Messenger Virus

  • Prevent websites that asks your hotmail, MSN messenger username and passwords.
  • Do not share your MSN email ID publicly in forums or websites.
  • Prevent visiting website which claims to scan your msn messenger for virus. Ex: Scan messenger is itself a virus.
  • Prevent websites that happens to list your MSN messenger contacts. Ex: Check messenger & listing messenger.

MSN Messenger Websites to Avoid

Add all these websites in blocked website list of  your browser and make sure whenever you get chat window messages in your MSN with such website links – do not click on them.

If you know of some more websites which you’ve came across then please let me know so the list can be updated.

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