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Notepad on Windows is highly popular — it’s just like TextEdit on Mac but simple to use. If you have used Notepad before, you will know it’s very basic, and there’s very little room for customization. While this utility certainly does what you need — save the information, that is — but there are better alternatives you may want to consider.

Here is a popular and easy-to-use notepad-like software for taking notes and saving them. Plus, you can also run programs, compile them and compare two text files. I am talking about Notepad++ which is a Notepad replacement and one of the best text editor alternative for Windows user. I have been using Notepad++ for almost 4 years now, and I can clearly say no other windows writing tool comes close to this one.


Notepad++ can be called as an advanced text editor that also comes with syntax highlighting. Instead of buying any paid programs like Dream Weaver, you may want to download Notepad++ and hopefully you will be comfortable using this software after several tries. This text editor for Windows also comes with plugin support wherein you can add third-party plugins and do a lot of stuffs! The best part of Notepad++ is the option to split Windows and to run Macro (record the process) for repetitive tasks.

In our college, for coding HTML pages and CSS files, we were said to use Notepad++ on our Windows XP computers.

But just like Notepad, you cannot open RTF files on Notepad++ but for editing text, taking notes and saving them, or even doing some coding, this is the app I’d highly recommend.

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Nihar February 5, 2009

I use editplus for lots of editing. Never used notepad++

Have you used both in the past? whats your take on the both. which one is better?

Michael Aulia February 4, 2009

I’m using this in my office to do my development work (coding). The best and greatest free text editor out there 😉

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