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VHS Tapes are kind of outdated in most part of the world. These VHS video cassettes tapes were highly popular few decades ago until optical disc format videos were made available on CD’s and DVD’s. If you have any of the old VHS tapes that you want to recover or repair it to play videos then here is an excellent freeware tool that will help you out in such case.

Golden videos have provided free VHS to DVD converter tool to repair and convert old VHS tapes to digital with quality improvement features for corrupted VHS. You won’t find many freeware’s around that converts vhs to DVD but with this simple tool, you will be able to convert vhs to other formats as well. The free tool is designed for old VHS video tapes that can be converted into rich formats such as DVD, AVI video, MPEG and so on..

vhs_recoveryDownload from here

Some of the features of Golden VHS to DVD Converter are :

  • Output improvement of VHS Video quality.
  • Convert corrupted VHS to DVD AVI Video.
  • Simple yet effective VHS recovery and free converter.
  • Can add subtitle to video or re-edit the video brightness.
  • Several VHS DVD recording features.. so on.

Again, after the conversion ends, you can revert it back to VHS form by using digital methods or burn the VHS tape to DVD or store on your hard disk. For more instructions about the converting your VHS cassettes into DVD, you can check out the help feature that has a detailed step by step manual guide.

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sm January 12, 2011


Michelle July 7, 2009

Wow, I’m impressed to see that this software is available for free! I’ve just been testing out the Terratec Grabby which includes the cables for transferring the data as well which accounts for some of it’s £37 price tag but I have to say in terms of software, this looks just as feature packed as the software that come with it!

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