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Remember this quote from the hugely popular movie Inception: “An idea is like a virus, resilient, highly contagious.” That’s true… in the movie, but here we share ideas that are helpful. Simple tutorials and tips are shared below, and all of them are related to computing.

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Gamato Shut Down Officially – No Movies, Music For Download

It’s amazing how piracy has taken its toll, thanks to the internet – It’s very much easier to download movies, music and any digital products for free! Here is another site that was shut down by the police – and it’s been shut down officially. Mininova faced it, and so did Gamato. Gamato, with […]

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How to fix hl2.exe Windows Error on Steam Games

A close match… down to the last two players…you are crouching near the crates watching long with a mag….a small movement…you spot the last remaining T…you move the crosshair on to his head…..bang… “hl2.exe has stopped working”. There goes the game and so does your composure, none of this would have happened if windows never […]

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Free Website Monitoring Softwares, Services Online

An integral part of website monitoring is to manage it wisely. And, such factors depend on a variety of criteria – The site softwares, extensions used and more importantly, the hosting server in use. However, it’s always recommended to use monitoring services for exploring your website activities. Website monitoring services are beneficial for an individual, […]

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Free Help Desk Support Programs And Softwares

Most companies are in need of help desk support software for their business, customer care and administrative needs. The different help desk software programs available at present vary from each other in terms of cost, customer interaction options, the number of users accepted and ticket management system options. To get the most out of the […]

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Guide to Remove DVD Scratches and Repair Damaged DVD’s

Unexpectedly, your old, but unused collection of DVD movies got damaged just when you organized an get together along with your friends to watch some of the best old movies on your LCD screen? Did you know there are other alternative ways to clean and repair DVD scratches which are the root causes for damaged […]

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Websites to Automatically Post Blog Post on Twitter

Twitter, a continually rising micro blogging service is a major hit on the web. Although, it has it’s own fallouts, but there are possible ways to promote your blog post on twitter automatically as well. Suppose you’ve written an blog post and want it to be seen to everyone then you’re just an tweet away. […]

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How to Embed Bing Maps on Website/Blog

Say you own a company for which you have a website. This website must have your name, phone number, location, etc. Along with the textual content, it would be better to include a map which accurately points out the address of your office. To include a map, you can either use Google maps or Bing […]

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What is .PPS File and How to Open .PPS File Extension?

Files ending with extension .PPS are at present one of the most common types of files that are encountered in day-to-day life. These PPS files or PowerPoint Slideshow files are copyrighted extensions for slideshows created in Microsoft PowerPoint. If you have created PowerPoint Presentations or slides, you are much likely to encounter this format. More […]

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How to Convert .OST to .PST format

Microsoft Exchange server users sometimes face a problem while backing up their data from an .ost exchange file to a .pst Microsoft Outlook file. OST Files – The .ost (off-line storage table) files are used by the Microsoft Exchange Server program to store messages, calendar items and other data items on the server. These files […]

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How to Completely Uninstall AVG Antivirus With AVG Remover

AVG Antivirus is one among the best free antivirus programs available that cleans your system from those corrupted viruses. However, the free edition of AVG antivirus asks you to upgrade to PRO version and sometimes this is annoying. Also, there are several reasons for which a user would like to remove the pre-installed AVG antivirus.

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Free MKV Player to Open MKV Files

The MKV container format is widely recognized as being a pioneering development of open source in the realm of multimedia. Makroska’s video and audio stream container format, though constantly being updated and developed by many audiophiles around the world, is not used a lot because of the amount of work required to play one of […]

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Add Audio to Captured/Recorded Snagit Video [Snagit Tip]

Snagit is a product from techsmith which is used to capture images from your desktop. Not only images, but also with Snagit you can capture text, record videos and capture scrolling windows in a snap. This is a commercial capturing tool with tons of useful features, recently there was also a license key giveaway from […]

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