Verifying PayPal Account Using Credit Cards and VCCs

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PayPal, one of the popular payment processing system online for transferring money, comes with its own set of restrictions. For instance, even if you have an account at, you won’t be able to send or receive money unless you have the account verified (depends on the country). And how can you get your account verified from PayPal?

Previously, if the account was limited or suspicious, PayPal would limit your account. To “unlock” your PayPal account, you must send your identity proof, documents and any government-related valid cards. But for verification, all this is not required.

In fact, verifying PayPal account takes no more than five minutes, if you have a credit card or Virtual credit card number (VCC).

If you are using a paypal address which is unverified then it is time to verify the account to get all the benefits. Making use of a verified paypal account allows you to make unlimited money transaction and you will get a verified badge, which means your account will not be limited or help for suspicious activity

How to Verify a PayPal Account

There are two easy ways for Paypal verification: first of all if you own a credit card under the name of the Paypal account holder then insert the credit card number into your paypal account (use the option “Add Credit card”) and you will be charged $1.95 to verify the credit card existence under your name. This is a test process carried out by PayPal on every new card you will add (applicable for multiple credit or debit cards).

If you are in USA then you can also use the debit cards issued by the bank to verify the account. Some of the major countries debit card are not accepted by paypal. For example, if you are in India then only SBI debit cards will help you to verify the PayPal account. Making use of HDFC debit card or Axis card for verification is of no use!

If you do not own any credit or debit card then you can also use virtual credit cards, also called as VCC in other. You can get them online or create your own VCC. As every bank has a different way to generate VCC, I’d recommend you to ask the folks at your bank. You can ask them that you want a temporary credit card number that can be generated online. Every netbanking bank has this option where you can generate a card for shopping online. This card (it’s not a physical) has cash in them (you can choose how much money you want in this temporary card).

If you have access to the online bank right now, log in and see if there’s a “wallet” or “online shopping card” option.

Virtual credit card will help you unlock your PayPal money (plus you won’t run into PayPal’s mass payment problem), can get your account verified easily without risking your real credit card or debit card information.

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