Private Torrent Sites Versus Public Free Torrent Sites

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Certainly Internet has made piracy easier then ever. No matter where ever you are, if you have a computer with good Internet connection you can always download files from popular file hosting such as Rapidshare by searching files using search engine. But another easy method is to make use of Torrents. Torrent files distributes the bandwidth by “Seeding” files, therefore anyone can download files pretty faster. Another best part of downloading torrent files is you can resume the download anytime in both Private and free torrent sites! Some of the popular Torrent clients that can search torrent files and download them onto your Hard disk are uTorrent, Bit Torrent, Azureus and so on..
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Private Torrent Versus Free Torrent sites

There is a big difference between Public torrent sites and Private torrent sites, Public Torrent sites are Free torrent sites where you don’t have to register yourself and download the torrent file as a free user (Without Signup) with no limits or requirement to seed files. One such example of Public Torrent site is which is a widely known popular torrent site.

One biggest drawback of free public torrents is low amount of seeding.As these torrent sites doesn’t compulsorily require you to seed, many people take this as a opportunity and leech files as much as possible (Leechers). Due to this shortage of seeding the files will be inactive for download or will be downloaded at slow speed. Here comes the need of Private Torrent sites.

Not everyone can signup at Private torrent tracker website. You will be allowed to register on Private Torrent Tracker sites once you have the Invitation codes or some registered member of the site will invite you via email. The reason Private torrents are quite popular is due to lots of torrent seeding by the registered quality members. Moreover many rare downloads are released on these torrent Private trackers which are not available in free torrent websites.

Private torrent sites tracks the ratio of leeching (downloading) and seeding (Uploading) of a member. If your ratio of leeching is more than ratio of seeding then the chances are that your account will be banned in a couple of days. Also Private torrent members account is suspended incase of long seeding inactivity. Therefore Private torrent sites are known as Private Torrent Trackers where the system tracks each member’s contribution. Such example of Private Torrent tracking site is,, Bit Spyder which provides thousands of highly seeded torrent files that can be downloaded at a faster speed!

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