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Get Back Your Yahoo! Email Account

As I sat down at the table, waiting for the food to arrive, one of my friend asks a question: “So dude, how can I recover my Yahoo! account? I have lots of important emails there and I deleted it accidentally.” It was surprising to see how calm he was, and there was no way I could give him an answer so quickly.

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“It’s easy,” I said as I unfurled the napkin and prepared to grab the roti out of the basket. “You know what, we will talk about this later. Let’s finish our food.” I was able to deleted my own Yahoo! account, so I had a fair bit of idea on what he was talking about. That night, when I was back home, I started researching more about Yahoo! and how the company handles the email accounts of its users.

I was not the only one who was upset to find no answer on Google, which is why I have written this article: to help my friend and others in recovering their Yahoo! account.

Quick Note: In this article I will explain how to get back your deleted Yahoo! Account. In case you have deleted an email, which was very important, then look in the Trash folder. I will only explain how to retrieve Yahoo! address that was accidentally (or intentionally) deleted by by you or your friends.

Remember that if you chose to delete the Yahoo! account you will not only lose your email address and messages but also access to Yahoo! 360, Geocities, Yahoo! briefcase and other networks will be denied. That said, you can still get back the deleted Yahoo ID. Follow the instructions:

Reactivate Yahoo! Address

Unlike Orkut, Yahoo! does not let you recover email account that you have deleted few hours ago. You must wait at least 24 hours for Yahoo! to completely bring back your account [source].

Follow these steps to recover account:

  1. Sign in to your Yahoo! Mail account with your current password either from your computer, laptop, or mobile device.
  2. Confirm your Yahoo! ID and complete the CAPTCHA verification.
  3. Select Reactivate at the bottom of the page.

Wait for a day for the reactivation process to complete. Then you can log in. When you do, remember to recover or backup emails beforehand. There have been instances of Yahoo! deleting accounts automatically, and there is no “Reactivate” button anymore — the email address is deemed as “inactive” automatically, and your current email ID along with important email messages will be gone permanently. Scary, isn’t it? Always backup emails.

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shammy April 28, 2011

but some one enter into my yahoo ac and change the password, and when I understand this I delete that ac but that person again restore it, how? as u say onece it is delete no one can recover it.

Concepcion Dames December 26, 2010

Hello..How can i get my yahoo ID back..i dont even deleted it ..i know i downloaded a firewall and Zone alarm , but also got a norton/webroot already,Is that why i can’t sign in? It keep asking me wrong passwords and username..but now i changed to a new yahoo id instead without deleting the old one..
Pls. need ur answer asap! Thnk you!

Akhilesh Kumar Singh October 20, 2010


I have missed the password & all the information of my account.

How can we recover all account.

I know only


LewyLewis March 10, 2010

How can I get My Yahoo ID back after forgetting the password and forgetting other details I used ?

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