Remove URLSeek20.VMN.NET in Firefox! It’s a Malware

By Sidharth | Ideas

After struggling to uninstall dealio toolbar and fixing the issue, I encountered another firefox search setting problem! This time it was due to a malware with the link “”.

Searching on the web for urlseek20 removal – only fresh code found out the solution on how to remove urlseek20 malware from Firefox. Before mentioning the solution on how to remove – let me explain how this corrupted malware works:

Whenever you are visiting search engine such as Google or Yahoo in your Firefox right bar, the urlseek20 malware redirects the webpage to 404 error pages though the website is opening in other browsers perfectly! This problem is not caused from your router but a change in your search settings which is  due to and here is the screenshot which shows urlseek20 search powered by yahoo 😮


Normally the malware will redirect to such pages with it’s own domain, the url string is

How Do I remove From Firefox browser?

The only solution that works is to check your control panel –> Add/remove programs and find out the newly installed program on your computer.

For me, it was ‘Search settings’ plugin and I don’t know how it was installed automatically hijacking browser, also the use of PDF creator installs ’PDFforge’ toolbar which is another source of generating malware.

Check your entire list of programs carefully and delete them, restart firefox browser and misdirection from urlseek20 is completely removed 🙂

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