Things to do when Twitter is down! Funny

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We all know Twitter has a new feature called as “Downtime” which makes the site unique and, ahem, popular. I know I’m wrong.

Anyway, right now Twitter’s popular feature is back as we speak. For those who don’t know what I’m talking about, yes, it’s downtime! Got you!


Twitter did rectify two problems today though:

1. Pagination and IM are currently disabled. They’ll be back.

2. When you click on the Older button, you get a message like this: “Twitter is stressing out a bit right now, so this feature is temporarily disabled.”

Next time if you get a downtime then make sure you don’t get depressed and visit Twitter blog, or walk out somewhere. However, if you are too lazy to do anything in this cold, then sit back and watch this quick video I found on YouTube by iJustine.

The video lists five things to do when Twitter is down. Justin is obviously too close to Twitter, and these things to do when Twitter is down is definitely gonna give you a chuckle. And perhaps ignite your creative brain cells.

Twitter is Down: Here’s what you need to do:

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Sidharth June 1, 2008

@KrAzy Che3To – I don’t know coding.I need loads of help with this 🙂

Thanks for saying that you will help me 🙂

KrAzy Che3To June 1, 2008

You should be able to go to your wordpress admin panel > design > theme editor > comments.php

I can be more help if you can’t get it from there – just let me know! 🙂

elle May 30, 2008

yeah… twitter is a pain when its down!!

I actually jumped on friendfeed to fix my habit 🙂

really, where are those dang smilies boy!!!

Sidharth May 30, 2008

@Elle – hehe i knew people like those smilies but i am using 14 smiley set which are hidden (I need to add a line of code to comments.php,I don’t know coding :ermm: :cwy: )

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