Tweaking Opera Speed and its performance

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We know that Opera 9.5 Beta browser is available with eye catching tab feature and new shiny toolbar.Though Opera has had limited success on personal computers,it is one of the smoothest browser that can be tweaked for better speed performance.I have been using both Opera and Firefox for more than two years now.


Sidenote : Installing Opera 9.50 beta without effecting current opera browser settings

Installation for Linux
Download Opera 9.50 package in TAR.GZ or TAR.BZ2 format, extract it and run opera shell script. Your settings will be stored inside profile folder.

Installation for Windows
Install Opera 9.50 in different folder such as Opera 9.50. Your settings will be stored inside %APPDATA%OperaOpera 9.50 folder.


Some ways to increase Opera’s performance and browsing speed :

  • Delete private data : Go to Tools and click on Delete private data.Next click on details and check the all the boxes except Delete cookies and Clear all wand passwords.
  • Blocking flash images: Just right click on the flash image and block it for a particular web page but if you want to permanently switch off the flash view of that web site then go to Tools –> Preferences –>Advanced –> Blocked content
  •  Minimize effect – Go to tools and then Appearance,a dialog box opens.Click on the toolbar tab an uncheck the options which you use rarely.Turn off the progress bar or make it simple.
  • No icons and favicons – Go to tools –> preference,click on advanced and then browsing.Drop the page icon menu to Show no icon.Click on Ok.Remember every small tweaks helps a lot.
  • Show web pages faster : Go to tools –> preference and click on advanced tab.Next click on browsing and Drop down the loading menu to Redraw Instantly.This will make Opera to get the web page faster and increases browing speed.
  • Uncheck Tooltip option – When you hover on Web pages which contains some links, Opera displays small tooltips that add information about the element. If you do not want to see them then go to Tools,preference and click on Advanced.Go to browsing tab to uncheck Show Tooltips.
  • Reduce the amount of visited pages in history : Opera keeps a track of last visited pages in the form of History. This history keeps increasing whenever you browser more and more pages.To reduce the history of webpages visited,you can go to Tools –> Preferences –> advanced –>history and reduce the addresses to 100 or 200.
  • Remove unnecessary plugins: To display all the plugins which are installed in the Opera browser,just go to address bar and type this opera:plugins.To deactivate unnecessary plugin you have to go to your main Opera directory and find plugin-ignore.ini.Open it and place the plugin name which you want to disable.


Accessing the hidden preference editor of Opera 9.50 beta for more features:

You have to type opera:config in your address bar or click on the given links.Remember that you must be using Opera 9.50 beta to do perform this hack/tweaks .

Visited pages – Enable content search.

Address in caption – Display URL rather than page title in title bar.

Scroll is pan – Enable grab-and-scroll mode. Alternatively, hold down CTRL+ALT and then click & drag the page to enable on the fly scroll.

Application icon – Full path to the alternative icon file.See this for further reference

ISP | Id – Custom user agent substring.

Selected background – Background of text that is selected.

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