Unlock Locked Files and Folders

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In this article we will be talking about locking files folders and how to unlock them.Though there is a inbuilt feature in windows to hide, lock files and folders but a good suggestion would be to make use of freeware files locker/unlocker that password protects any files including media streaming format such as avi video files.

How to Lock Files Folders

Download freeware software mentioned below which works on the same mechanism – Choose the folder, video file or any document that you do not want to share and set a password or generate strong password.Now whenever anyone tries to access the file they will be asked to enter the password.The locked file can be unblocked once you spread the password of the file.


Locked files helps me in preventing leakage of my important document files when I am on not on my desk and the limited access allows me to share them with few users I choose!  

Some of the softwares to unlock and lock files

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