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Refreshing webpages manually can be frustrating sometimes. Forget about blaming the ISP when you are in urgent need to access any particular webpage or website. In such cases, auto refreshing addons and bookmarklets can be helpful. Whether you are facing the webpage not loading, timeout error – You can use these scripts to auto refresh webpages on browser like Google chrome, Opera and Firefox.

AutoRefresh Chrome Bookmarklet

This bookmarklet is provided by Page reboot which is an free auto refreshing script. To initialize auto refresh for Chrome browser, open your chrome browser and drag this Auto Refresh to bookmark menu which is on the top.


Now whenever you want to refresh a particular page, click on the bookmarklet addon in chrome and set the refresh time. You can also pause and edit the webpage. Note that this trick is only effective when you have an internet connection and some of the websites are inaccessible.

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monk September 30, 2009

It doesn’t work the way one should. It should run locally to prevent packet sniffing websites that trump those types of blockers.

Atul June 8, 2009

thnx for sharing will help me as me use generally Chrome

Nihar June 7, 2009

Is similar kind of add on there for firefox?

Thanks for the tip

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