What is CHM format and how to View .CHM Files?

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Tutorials, ebooks, guides and manuals are shipped with any digital software you buy or download from the Internet. Why? Because to get a better understanding on what the product or software is, what it does, and how it works.

Documentation, that’s what they are technically called. These documentations will walk you through the product and everything you need to know about it. Even if you download manuals online (that is related to your topic) you may notice a “help” or “documentation” file. If you already have an unknown file that has a yellow question mark on them, then you have a CHM file.

What are CHM Files?

CHM files are actually “compiled HTML” files used for most Windows help-files format. They have a .CHM file extension to distinguish it from other file formats out there.

chm_definition_what_is The definition of CHM may alter but still it is obvious that CHM files are some what a set of HTML type web pages. They are available in a ‘table of content’ format and every chapter are usually linking to another chapter or topic. You may consider them as an ebook or a documentation to help you understand the product better.

CHM file formats have been used very less compared to PDFs these days. There are different application for viewing chm files on platforms like windows,Linux and mac.

Opening .CHM Format File

To open a .CHM file, usually there’s is no need to download any software. You can open the file by double-clicking on it.

However, these days many companies are providing CHM file separately. For instance, Microsoft adds a CHM file to most of its software in the same folder where the program resides. In such cases, you may want to download softwares and addons for opening CHM files.

You can also find some browsers which are available to view CHM files.Popular web browser like firefox also has addon which can open the CHM files right from the browser.

CHM Reader addon for Firefox is a free extension for viewing the content of CHM file right on your browser. You can view CHM extension files that are saved on your PC or are available online, but you cannot edit the content of the file.

Here’s a list of CHM Readers for Mac that are free to download — you can grab any one of the application, download and set it up on your Mac. Double-clicking on CHM files will open the application from where you can view the contents of the CHM file.

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