What is VP6 Video Format? How to Open VP6 File Format

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VP6_file_extensionJust like FLV, Mp4 format, VP6 is yet another video format from on2 technology group. These VP6 format are one of the few VPx members (We also have VP7 extensions!) that are popular formats.

What is VP6 Video Format

The existence of VP6 file extension came in-to compete against the DVD’s. These Vp6 format videos was initially in use for China’s DVD (also known as EVD – Enhanced Versatile Disc) and later on Macromedia selected VP6 as the flagship codec for flash player.

Nowadays some of the leading brands such as Nokia, Adobe, Videoegg make use of these VP6 format extension for the videos as there is an improvement in video images, faster playback as well as noise ratio which is considered to provide a much better output video results compared to media player and we also have appropriate ways for opening .VP6 file extension.

How to Play/Open Vp6 Videos

One of the ways to open VP6 format is by downloading the relevant video codecs. VP6 codecs can be helpful to open .vp6 extension. Download the codec and play these formats in your media player easily.

If you are on Mac or Windows and have these .vp6 video files then download VLC media player which is free and works on both the operating system. VLC media player is the only standalone player (with no additional codec or add-in requirements) can open/play VP6 format videos.

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Ride July 9, 2013

VLC could play VP6 video with no sound.

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