Why Free Spotify.com Invite Is Not Available In My Country

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First of all, if you are unsure of the Spotify service then check out what is Spotify given below and for other’s who are unable to access Spotify without invitational code (Will giveaway free Spotify invites soon) can check out the reason and get free spotify invites.

About Spotify Music

Spotify is an excellent way to listen music of your choice for free. With Spotify desktop client all your music need are fulfilled. Spotify already has 1 million users and they are serving free 6 million legal songs, music’s of various genre that can be played, shared with friends without any buffer loading time (for slow internet connection)


Here are some useful features of Spotify Music Client

  • Listen to rare music tracks for free.
  • Share music online and find active audio communities.
  • Search artist or song name from desktop.
  • Spotify Radio station plays radio online.
  • Spotify is a new way to enjoy music.

Why Is Spotify Not Available In My country?

And Spotify is not available to everyone. It is based on three system – Free, Day pass and premium pass. To get a free Spotify account you have be an UK resident. To get Day pass you have to pay 1.5$ a day and for premium membership the cost is 15$ a month which is kind of expensive.

Also free accounts are available for Sweden, Norway, Finland, Spain, UK, France  country people. But with Spotify invites you can get a free account in most of the countries. Spotify for USA is not free due to copyright issues and therefore the subscription system was developed. Don’t worry, I have a few accounts of Spotify to giveaway!

Enjoy them and use these invitational codes wisely.


I’ll update the post with few more invites, keep checking the comment section. Do not forget to share if you have any of the unused Spotify account user password or invites 😉

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