Mac Dictation App

Voice recognition programs and speech-to-text apps have gone through a crazy journey in the last 10 years or so. Free voice recognition apps were deemed inaccurate and even the paid apps failed to recognize our voice or translate what we said into text — well, let’s blame our accent here.

Today, advancement in technology has made it possible for us to talk to our computers. There are numerous professional and free softwares that converts our voice into text.

Apple’s Attempt to bring Voice Assistant on Smartphones

Apple shook a part of mobile industry by introducing Siri, a voice assistant that talks to you through iPhone. It also aggregates information from the web and answers your question. Ask Siri about the current weather, ask her to tell a joke, or just talk rubbish, and Siri answers you, politely.

Siri on iPhone has been a clear success. Although sometimes it doesn’t answer everything you want. But the signs are very clear: perfect voice recognition apps are in the making.

Mac Dictation is Apple’s Answer to Siri

Over 200 new features were introduced in the OS X Mountain Lion. Along with a tightly integrated iCloud, new Reminder, a Notification Center, Mountain Lion also brings Mac Dictation to the table.

Dictation app doesn’t talk to you like Siri.