How to Find Mac’s Model Number & Serial Number

Here’s a scenario: you called Apple Customer Care to get help for your Mac. You may have to get ready to answer these questions shot at you: what your Mac’s model number? Serial number? When did you buy your Mac?

All this information and much more is visible on every Mac computer. Here’s how you can find your Mac model by following the steps given below:

Note: Mac refers to both Mac computers (iMac) and Mac laptops (MacBook Pro and MacBook Air).

Find Mac Model Number Through Apple’s Menu

Step 1

Switch on your Mac.

Step 2

From the Menu Bar, click on Apple logo, which is located on the top-left corner.

Step 3

Click on About This Mac.


Step 4

A window appears like this. To know more about your Mac, apart from Processor and Memory information, click More Info…


Step 5

This will display a new window with your Mac’s serial number and the current software installed. As you can see, I have Mountain OS X Lion installed on my iMac, 2010 model.


Step 6

Click on System Report.

Step 7

The Model Identifier reveals the Mac model number. My iMac is 11,3 model.


Find Mac Model Number using Terminal

Step 1

Type in the keyword “Terminal” (without quotes) in your Mac’s Spotlight.

Step 2

Enter the following line of code:

system_profiler SPHardwareDataType

Step 3

This will display your Mac’s hardware information.